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Welcome To My Sim Realty Page !!!
*smiles* I am so glad your here. Please feel free to look around and enjoy your-self *smiles*

I love the sims!! I bought the sims in the very beginning before it became very popular. I enjoy building and decorating the houses very much. I will be placing them on my site should you want to download them. I do take requests as long as you provide me with a floorplan or a description of what you want me to build. Have a Great Day and God Bless!!!

~*((((( Site Updates )))))*~



3/13/04- An Update!!! *smiles* Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been very busy with school. Thank you for your understanding & support. Anyway, I have updated with a New House!!! It is called The 'Winston'. I can be found on Houses 5. It sits on Lot 1. This house is for the Sims who wants it all and has the simeoleans to pay for it !!!!! *smiles* The cost, you might ask ?, The price tag is a whopping 1,292,102 simeoleans!!!!!!!!! Please enjoy!!! *smiles* Have a Wonderful Day!!! God Bless!!!!! (((((HUGS)))))


P.S. Happy Early St. Patricks Day !! *smiles*

1/23/04- I apologize for the lack of updates. I have been busy with college applications and such.But have an update today!!It is called Little Italy. It is located on Lot 8 and costs 335,844 simeoleans. I used  alot of arches in this house. I also used alot of Roman Statues to give it an Italian feel.***THE FILE WAS TO BIG TO UPLOAD AT ONCE PLEASE E-MAIL ME AND I WILL SEND YOU THE FILES. IT IS TO BIG TO UPLOAD. THANKS FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING ~SMILES~ OR YOU CAN READ THE READ-ME TO FIND THE SITE ADDRESSES THAT YOU CAN VISIT SO YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THEM ***

Please enjoy!!! *smiles* I hopefully will be updating later on this weekend. Have a Wonderful Day!! God Bless!!

1/2/04- Just got back from my Holiday Vacation and wanted to wish everyone a  ~*Happy New Year !!*~ *smiles* I also have aNew House  ready for download on Houses 3. It is called 'The Carolina'. It is a 3bed/3bath house and it is my most luxurious and expensive to date!!! It costs 729,604 Simoleans!!. It is well worth the big price tag. *smiles* Also I have a new affiliate-- ~*Silken Whisper*~(Awesome skins!!) Have a Great Day!! Thanks for stopping by!! *smiles* (((((HUGS))))) Side Note: I am looking for 1 more contestant in the house building contest *smiles*


P.S. I apologize for the lack of updates. I have more free time now so I should be updating about once or twice a week. Thanks for your patience*smiles* (((((HUGS)))))

*12/20/03- The contest has been extended because 2 of the contestant's I e-mailed, the mail keeps coming back. So, on that note *smiles*. I am currently looking for 2 contestants!! Please sign my guestbook saying that you want to enter the contest and I will send you a copy of the rules. Just sign the Guestbook, or e-mail me saying you want to enter!! *smiles* That's all you have to do! *smiles* I should be updating later on today or tomorrow with another house. Have a Great Day!! God Bless!! *smiles*  (((((HUGS)))))


*12/13/03- 2 New Houses uploaded!! The first is a special Christmas gift for you all !! Enjoy. It is called 'Christmas Cottage'. It is located on Lot 3. The Second House is actually 2 in one!!! Yep that's right. I have made apartments!! They even have a private park across the street. It is called 'Coquina'. It is located on Lot 72. PLEASE READ THE READ ME FOR COQUINA.*smiles* Have a Happy Holiday Season!! I hope to be updating soon, after my exams(*ick*) LOL!!, are over. God Bless You!!! Have a Great Day!!! *smiles* (((((HUGS)))))


*12/12/03- The contest has officialy begun!!!! *smiles* The entries will be turned in no later than one week from today (12/19/03)at midnight. Also I have some new affiliates!!! Luna Sims and BuilderSIM. They are both really awesome sites!! You can find a link to their wonderful sites on my Affiliate page. Have a Great Day!!! Happy Holidays!!! *smiles* God Bless!! (((((HUGS)))))

*12/10/03- Hello everyone!!! How are you all doing ?? I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season!! (((((HUGS))))) I wanted to update and let you know that the 3 contestants have been chosen(there will actually be 4 contestants. My awesome affiliate[from SimSensation]is going to join ) *smiles*. I also wanted to let everyone know I am now on TSR's Fansite List and I have a new affiliate, BuilderSIM! I will be sending the rules to the contests hopefully today. The contest will end on 12/19/03. *smiles*. The contestants must have their entry [house] in by midnight of that day. I will be uploading a new house and a Christmas present for everyone, hopefully this weekend. I'm just finishing up the house. *smiles* Have a Great Day!!! (((((HUGS))))) God Bless!!! *smiles*


*12/5/03-12/6/03-   M&P's 3 Month Anniversary!!!! To celebrate and also as a Holiday activity. I AM SPONSERING A HOUSE BUILDING CONTEST!!!!! *BIG SMILES* There will be 3 contestants. They will each build a house and they will submit it for judging. The Rules are pasted on the CONTACT ME page. You will each get an individual copy of the rules if you are selected(*I made them all pretty*) If you are interested please sign the Guestbook telling me so. The first 3 people to do this will be the contestants! THE PRIZE: The prize is I will put your house up for download (YOU GET FULL CREDIT), so you can so everyone your creative genius. *smiles* I will also make you a gorgeous button to put on your website. I am so excited!! What are you waiting for, go to the CONTACT  ME page and enter in the contest!!!! *SMILES* Have a Great Day!!! God Bless!!! (((((HUGS)))))

P.S. After the contest I will be uploading y'all's Christmas Present so your Simmies can truely have a Happy Holiday !!! *smiles* (((((HUGS)))))


~*THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PATIENCE*~ I apologize profusely for not updating. I have been having MAJOR COMPUTER PROBLEMS since my last update. I ended up having to take it in to get it fixed. They had to erase everything!!!! Lucikly all the Sims Houses that I have uploaded I put on a disk b-4 I took it in. Anyway, My computer is fixed and is running great!! Unfortunately, I Lost a couple of Houses I was working on in the game. But today I do have an *UPDATE* although it is not a house. I realised I *ATTACHED THE WRONG COLUMN FILES* So if you have any of the following houses please RE-DOWNLOAD THEM *smiles* : Modern Georgian Elegance; Casa de la Rosa; Mexican Splendor; The Grand Manor; and Unparalled Elegance. Sorry for this inconvience. Also ~ I THINK I HAVE THE DOWNLOADING PROBLEM FIXED~ If for some reason you still cannot download one or all of the houses *DON'T HESITATE TO E-MAIL ME* ~smiles~ It really is no problem for me to send them to you. *smiles* Have a Great Day!!!! God Bless!!! (((((BIG HUGS))))) *smiles*

P.S. ~*THANK YOU SO MUCH*~ to everyone for their sweet e-mails of encouragement. You guys are great!!!! it is truely an honor building Houses for you all. *smiles* (((((HUGS)))))

*11/5/03-                                                                                           M&P Sim Realty's 2 Month Anniversary!! Thanks to everyone who has visited the site. There have been over 2,200 visitors !! Yay!! *smiles* On a more serious note. Some people has e-mailed me saying that they were having trouble downloading some of the houses. I think I have fixed the problem, but if for some reason you cannot download one of the houses. Please don't hesitate to e-mail me and I will send you the file at once!! *smiles*  My job is to make y'all happy *smiles* Any thing I can do for you just let me know !! (((((HUGS))))))*****(((((NEW HOUSE UPDATE: It is the Tuscany Model. It is located on lot 75. You will fing it on the HOUSES2 page. Please take a look and enjoy!!!))))))******** *smiles* Have an Awesome Day!! God Bless!!

*10/26/03-                                                                                  (((HUGS))) Missed ya!! First of all I want to apologize for the lack of updates in the past week. I was busy working an a Thesis paper for school * ick!! * LOL. Anyway just wanted to let y'all know that I am back and from now on will update frequently. ***I HAVE A NEW HOUSE FOR YOU*** It is called ~*Old World Charm*~ It sits on Lot 74. This house was also a request. Thanks Harriet!!! *smiles* (((((HUGS))))) I am hoping to update with a really ~swanky~  *wink* house this week. It will be nice and big and most likely a Spanish style. Sometimes the house kind of evolves from what it looks like on the floor plan. Anyway, enough of my babbeling. Please if you have any questions/comments/requests **PLEASE DON'T HESITATE TO E-MAIL ME **(Just put "M&P Sim Realty" in the subject line) ~SMILES~  Have an awesome day!!!! God Bless!!! And come back soon now ya hear. *wink* (((HUGS))                                  P.S. Last thing, I promise. Thanks for everything!! The site has had over 1500 visitors up to this point !! Thanks so much for stopping by!!! Please enjoy your self!!! (*Yes You*) *smiles* bye for now!! ((HUGS))


*10/11/03-                                                                                               Sorry I have not updated this week. It has been very busy. I started this house last weekend and finished it last night. It is called "Unparalled Elegance" it sits on Lot 59. This house was also a request. (((((Please read the read-me)))) *Enjoy* !!! Have an Awesome Day!!! God Bless!! Happy Simming!!! *smiles* ((HUGS)) I can't believe it !! Over 700 people visited my site in only 1 month. I look forward to serving you better, bringing you the best Sims Houses!!! Please don't hesitate to e-mail me with questions/comments/requests etc. I love to hear feedback!!!!! Thank you to everyone who helped me with my site!! Well I'll quit my babbeling and let you tour the site!!! *Enjoy* ~SMILES~ (((((HUGS)))))

New House Uploaded!! The "Cobblestone Cottage" is ready for download!! *smiles* (PLEASE READ THE READ ME ATTACHED FOR THIS FILE!!) Thanks so much!! Have an Awesome Day!! God Bless!!

New House just for You!!, Yes you!! *smiles* This Model is called "The Grand Manor" it sits on Lot 2. Please Read the caption under the pic. It has vert impt. information !! Please Enjoy!! God Bless!! *smiles*(((((Broken download(Grandma's house) fixed. Sorry for any inconvience *smiles*)))))

~New House!!!~- Just for your busy sim that just needs to get away from it all.*wink* Just come over to ~Granny's House~(Lot 6). She will make everything all better.

Another House just for you ! ~*wink*~ This one is called "Mexican Splendor". It is located on Lot 52. Please enjoy!! ~*smiles*~ Have a Great Day!! Happy Simming!! God Bless!!

New house for you! Lot67.The Reddington Model!!ALSO 2 new pics of Georgian Elegance added!!!

Casa de la Rosa (lot 70) Uploaded & ready for download!!!! *smiles*

Finished Contact Page. Site is ready for everyone!! *smiles*

First House uploaded and Ready for Download! *smiles*

Site was created!!!
*~Happy Simming~*! ~*Smiles*~


           *SMILES*  ~*HAPPY SIMMING*~


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"Of all the creatures on earth, only human beings can change their patterns. Man alone is the architect of his destiny...Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives."

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