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Here are my Houses!! Enjoy! *smiles*
Are you tired of seeing gorgeous houses but have to download 90% of it in order to play the house without objects missing ?? I use as many Maxis Objects/Walls/Floors as I can(I HAVE ALL EXPANSION PACKS EXCEPT VACATION). That way you can download the house and make your own special touches on them.

((((VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE READ !!!)))) Any Objects/Walls/Floors that are not Maxis made they are listed below each picture. Most of the Objects are from well-known sites. If you have problems finding them, Feel free to e-mail me and I will do my best to find them for you *smiles*. Another quick note ;) When building my houses I use already exsisting floor plans. If you have a floorplan that you need built Just send it to me and it will be put up on the site usually within the week.I also take requests.(either provide the floorplan or give me a description of what you are looking for)

If you do have a request please, in the subject line of the e-mail please put "M&P Request". Thanks so much for visiting my site.I Hope you enjoy your time here. *smiles* (((((HUGS))))) Have a Great Day!! God Bless!!


This house is located on Lot 75. It costs 355,978 Simeoleans. This was the last of 4 request by my good friend Harriet. *smiles* ~*****(PLEASE READ THE READ-ME)*****~. I apologize about the picture. I downloaded a free 60-day trial version of Paint Shop Pro 8. That's what made the pictures all pretty. Unfortunately, my trial is up so I'm going to buy the normal version. Only problem is that it cost 100 dollars. So It may be awhile b-4 my pictures are pretty like the others. If any one knows of a good paint program that is free please let me know. I'm desperate. Thanks so much!!! Enough of my babbeling. *wink* Please enjoy this House. Any questions or comments are greatly appreciated. Also I am always willing to accept any requests. Please feel free to send me your requests. ~*Happy Simming*~ Have an awesome day!!! God Bless!!!!

Couldn't fit it all in one pic. *smiles*

These Pictures do not do this house justice. The house is much better in the game. ~*Enjoy*~ *smiles*

Couldn't fit it all in one pic. *smiles*
~*Christmas Cottage(Lot 3)*~

 This is the 'Christmas Cottage'. It is located on Lot 3. It costs 173,284 Simeoleans.

 I just want to take the time to thank you!! Yes You!! *smiles* You guys have been so great with encouraging me. You guys are the best !!!

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy this Holiday season!!! *smiles* With this in mind please accept this house as a personal Christmas gift to you. Please enjoy!!! *smiles* (((((HUGS))))) Have a Wonderful Day!!! God Bless!!


P.S.Thanks so much for visiting & downloading from my site *smiles*

~*First Floor*~
This is the First Floor of the Christmas Cottage.
~*2nd Floor*~
This is the Second Floor of the Christmas Cottage.
~*The Lakes*~
These are the lakes located behind the Christmas Cottage.