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Here are my Houses!! Enjoy! *smiles*

Are you tired of seeing gorgeous houses but have to download 90% of it in order to play the house without objects missing ?? I use as many Maxis Objects/Walls/Floors as I can(I HAVE ALL EXPANSION PACKS EXCEPT VACATION). That way you can download the house and make your own special touches on them.

((((VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE READ !!!)))) Any Objects/Walls/Floors that are not Maxis made they are listed below each picture. Most of the Objects are from well-known sites. If you have problems finding them, Feel free to e-mail me and I will do my best to find them for you *smiles*. Another quick note ;) When building my houses I use already exsisting floor plans. If you have a floorplan that you need built Just send it to me and it will be put up on the site usually within the week.I also take requests.(either provide the floorplan or give me a description of what you are looking for)

If you do have a request please, in the subject line of the e-mail please put "M&P Request". Thanks so much for visiting my site.I Hope you enjoy your time here. *smiles* (((((HUGS))))) Have a Great Day!! God Bless!!


~* Little Italy (Lot 8) *~

This is Little Italy. It is located on Lot 8 and costs 335,844 simeoleans. I used  alot of arches in this house. I also used alot of Roman Statues to give it an Italian feel.***THE FILE WAS TO BIG TO UPLOAD AT ONCE PLEASE E-MAIL ME AND I WILL SEND YOU THE FILES. IT IS TO BIG TO UPLOAD. THANKS FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING ~SMILES~ OR YOU CAN READ THE READ-ME TO FIND THE SITE ADDRESSES THAT YOU CAN VISIT SO YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THEM ***It's just a fireplace and a rug. Everything else is MAXIS *smiles* Please enjoy this house!!! *smiles* Have a Great Day!!!!  (((((HUGS))))) God Bless!!!

~*Little Italy*~


~*Little Italy*~


~*Little Italy*~


~*Little Italy*~




All of The Above Pictures were made BY Thomas Kinkade 10781