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Here are my Houses!! Enjoy! *smiles*
Are you tired of seeing gorgeous houses but have to download 90% of it in order to play the house without objects missing ?? I use as many Maxis Objects/Walls/Floors as I can(I HAVE ALL EXPANSION PACKS EXCEPT VACATION). That way you can download the house and make your own special touches on them.

((((VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE READ !!!)))) Any Objects/Walls/Floors that are not Maxis made they are listed below each picture. Most of the Objects are from well-known sites. If you have problems finding them, Feel free to e-mail me and I will do my best to find them for you *smiles*. Another quick note ;) When building my houses I use already exsisting floor plans. If you have a floorplan that you need built Just send it to me and it will be put up on the site usually within the week.I also take requests.(either provide the floorplan or give me a description of what you are looking for)

If you do have a request please, in the subject line of the e-mail please put "M&P Request". Thanks so much for visiting my site.I Hope you enjoy your time here. *smiles* (((((HUGS))))) Have a Great Day!! God Bless!!


(((Click Pic to Download))) Modern Georgian Elegance(Lot50) ALL MAXIS objects/Floors/walls EXECPT:(YOU WILL NEED TO DOWNLOAD THESE B-4 PLAYING THE HOUSE, Thanks! *smiles*) -7DS-Washer&Dryer Set(wholeset) /Mod Curve Illusion staircase by Reny(sorry don't know site add.)/TerraCottaTeaSet-Ophelia's Sims/ Hat n' Specks Rack-CheapFrills/Dark Interior Door- www.jendea.com/and finally Yakko's Bargain Glass Floor(From Caro's Sim Kagen www.caro.jp )

This is the 1st Floor. These pictures do not do this house justice. I just had to get what I could into the picture.

2nd Floor .These pictures do not do this house justice. I just had to get what I could into the picture.

This is ~Casa de la Rosa ~!! (((Please Read))) This house is on Lot 70 which is originally a community lot. I made this house VERY versitile so that if you wanted it to be like a community lot with shops/art gallery this can be very easily done! It is a very open floor plan as seen by the pics! If you would like to download this as a house you need to change the lot in your game to residential first.*smiles* Also everything in this house is Maxis made except the 2 story colums by: , and the Yakko cheap glass floor. That's it! *smiles* I also will be uploading a furnished version for those of you that would like it to be a house. If I have enough feedback I will make another file with it as a community lot.Thanks so much!! Have a Great Day!! God bless!! Have fun playing !! *wink* (((((HUGS)))))

1st Floor Pic!! This one is labeled like a house floorplan. Like I said you can chose to make thes all shops etc. if you would like it better as a community lot. *smiles*

Second Floor. Rooms as labeled *smiles*

This is the Reddington Model. This house it comfortably situated on lot 67. This model includes ONLY Maxis Objects/Walls/and Floors.You don't need to download anything from other sites.One note:The fireplace nitch in the wall was made for a 3-tiled fireplace(Vacation).This feature may be adjusted for your convience.~Enjoy~

This is the 1st Floor

This is the 2nd Floor

This is ~*Mexican Splendor*~ It is located on Lot 52. It cost 104,188 simeoleans. The only thing you need to have for this house is the 2 story column and Yakko's Bargain Glass Floor. You do not need to download these to play this house.It will be the same house pictured here but without columns(can put maxis columns in their place) ~*Enjoy!!*~ Have a Great Day!! *smiles*

~*This is the First Floor*~

~*This is the Second Floor*~

~*Grandma's House*~ ( Located on Lot 6 [Cost:85,603 Simeolens] ) When you are tired of the busy day to day hectic schedule and just want to get away from it all. When you just need a *BIG HUG* and encouragement, let your SimGrandma make you some hot choclate chip cookies *yum!* and pour you some cold milk and just talk about your problems with someone who will understand. ~Come on over to Granny's!!~ *smiles*((((((Please Read))))):THIS HOUSE HAS ONLY MAXIS OBJECTS.THE CAR AND 7DS LAUNDRY SET ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THIS ZIP. IF YOU NEED A LINK TO THE SITES THAT HAVE THE OBJECTS JUST MENTIONED, JUST E-MAIL ME AND I WILL BE GLAD TO SEND A LINK TO YOU *smiles* Have a Great Day!!! Enjoy!!!

This is a 1 story house. It was to big to fit in one shapshot with the detail showing. *smiles* Enjoy!

This is a 1 story house. It was to big to fit in one shapshot with the detail showing. *smiles* Enjoy!

~*This is the Grand Manor*~ It is located on Lot 2. It cost 269,913 simeoleans.This house is gorgeous. I couldn't fit the whole house in just 2 photos but I tried *wink*. You see a small portion of the Pool and the Outside Patio(On Front View) I'm sorry I couldn't fit it all in. *****((((PLEASE READ)))))*****: The information included in the read-me which comes along with this file is incorrect. I will put the columns in the next house download. Thanks & Enjoy!!! Have a Great Day!! God Bless!!! *smiles*

I couldn't fit everything into the picture but I did as best as I could.Sorry. *~Enjoy~* ~smiles~

I couldn't fit everything into the picture but I did as best as I could.Sorry. *~Enjoy~* ~smiles~

*~This is the Cobblestone Cottage*~ it is located on Lot 8 and costs104,529 Simeoleans. This is a great plac eto come and relax. Just to get away from everything.And what cottage would not be complete with out a Spa!!! Enjoy!!! Have a Great Day!! God Bless!!*****(((((( PLEASE READ THE READ ME WHEN DOWNLOADING THIS HOUSE IT IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT !!!!!)))))*****

This is the first floor. The Guest Bedroom and Bathroom are not pictured. You can see a second-floor partial view from the next photo. Thanks and enjoy!!!

This is a picture of the second floor. ~*Enjoy*~ ~*Happy Simming*~

~*This is The "Sophisticated Charm" Model*~ (Lot 61 & Cost: 241,093 Simeoleans) This House was actually a request. She needed a house that sits on a Unleashed Lot. It is Located on Lot 61. ((((BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD THIS HOUSE MAKE SURE THAT THIS LOT IS ZONED "RESIDENTIAL" ))))) Thanks so much for this request. Your other houses will be coming very soon! Enjoy! Happy Simming! Have an Awesome Day!! God Bless!!!

~*This is the First Floor *~

~*This is the Second Floor*~ Enjoy!! Happy Simming !! *smiles*

~ This is Unparalled Elegance ~ at its finest!!! This house is situated on Lot 59. This was also a request.(Your other 2 houses are coming soon).(((((THIS IS ORIGINALLY A DOWNTOWN LOT.MAKE SURE YOU CHANGE IT TO A RESIDENTIAL LOT THANKS!!)))))This House cost 339,734 simeoleans. This is a gorgeous house!!! The pictures do not show you the beauty of this house. I just had to get what I could into the picture *Smiles*. Please Enjoy!! Please sign my Guestbook. I'd love to hear you comments and improvement suggestions!!! *smiles* Have a Great Day!! God Bless!! Happy Simming!! *SMILES* Enjoy!!!!! ((((P.S. PLEASE R4EAD THE READ-ME )))))) Thanks!! (((((HUGS)))))

~*This is the First Floor*~

~*This is the Second Floor*~ Enjoy!!! Happy Simming !!!*smiles*

Good afternoon! This house is called ~*Old World Charm*~. It sits on Lot 74 (((((***Please make sure this lot is zoned residential. Thanks!! You don't need to download anything to play this house!! Yay!! LOL *smiles* ***))))) This houst costs 364,639 simeoleans. This house is unique as it has its own salon/salirum(little building with flowers and fountains and it's own jacuzzi house. Please enjoy!!! Happy Simming!! Have a great day!! God Bless!! Feel free to e-mail me with questions or comments. I apologize again for the lack of updates.*smiles* (((HUGS)))

~*This is the 1st Floor*~

~*This is the 2nd Floor*~

All of The Above Pictures were made BY Thomas Kinkade 42920